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IP&I Dental: Redux

Teeth ... and the Finer Things in Life

Quality and service accomplished through one of the most advanced dental practices in Korea, Dr. Paik Sung-k:i runs them all at IP&I Dental. The clinic is located on the third floor ofthe Somerset Palace in central Seoul and is a five-minute walk from the Anguk subway station.

Any trouble with the location is resolved by a simple call to the clinic, and underground parking in the Somerset Palace is available as well.

The clinic is distinguished in all aspects of dental care - ambiance, service and a selec-tion of first-rate care. A key approach to this executive treatment is that time is money. As a recipient of the dental care provided, I experienced the difference that IP&I Dental offers. Everything was exactly as the brochures states, "We want you to enjoy your dental experience, while you enjoy Korea."

The thing that stood out while I received a standard examination and cleaning was the relaxed atmosphere. The use of local rinse anesthetic during the scaling eliminated the chance of any discomfort. At the end of the treatment, Dr. Paik talked only about needs, not about cosmetic changes to my teeth. Straightforward, honest and respectful of his clients 'time is the professional attitude Dr. Paik brings to his patients. Dr. Paik believes that quality and professional competency as found in fine food, art and wine, sells itself. He pointed out, "I market my practice to a clientele that only wants the best treatment available and wants it done right the first time."

He was quick to add, though, that he also believes in giving back to the community. He is eager to help when he gets special requests from his clients to help with certain charitable causes, be it through his practice or other means. He pointed out that he could be a lot busier if he wanted, however he prefers to enjoy his time with friends and colleagues.

Modem science has dramatically increased the average life span, and advances in dental care have kept pace. Dr. Paik talked about a recent request of a patient who at the age of 88 decided to have ten implants done. Dr. Paik stated, "People live longer and quality lasts a long tim e." Dr. Paik added that the patient was able to enjoy food that had been passed up for a long time, and because of this treat-ment the patient gained three kilongrams.

IP&I Dental takes full use of medem dental science, be it the one-stop CEREC dental restoration or the NobleDirect implant system. Instead of removing problematic teeth, they now use pure ceramics to restore teeth to a pristine condition in a matter of a few hours. Dr. Paik takes a great deal ofpride in offering a treatment that reflects an aesthetic approach to medical procedures. Inside the laboratory, while he showed how he manually applies tone and the correct hue to a ceramic crown with a fine brush, he explained, "By itself the ceramic tooth is perfect, in fact too perfect. I want to add a personal touch that makes my work indistin-guishable from that of nature." Dr. Paik-explained that he offers only the finest care possible. Pride is the cornerstone ofhis work. "When my patients return home, I want the next dentist to be impressed by my work."

Quality of Life

Dentistry is more than a vain reflection of a flashy smile; it is about providing quality of life. Dr. Paik's brochure alludes to an old Korean proverb that extols the Five Blessings of Healthy Teeth. Dr. Paik stated that from the beginning "I wanted to pursue a special aesthetic clinic." He designed a top-tier dental establishment with the needs of patients from all over the globe in mind.

Dr. Paik is also well recognized for his contrubution to the arts in Korean society. As a hobbyist of fine wine, he insisted that the conversation move out of the office and into the confines of a quality Italian restaurant.

Over good food and a select bottle of hard-to-fine "Carruades de Lafite Pauillac 2005," he described how wine is something to be enjoyed, not just talked about.

As he talked about slowing down to enjoy quality, he explained how he only deals with a few patients a day. He added, "When you deal with important people in society, especially those in service to society, it is important to maximize the time used."

When a patient goes to IP&I Dental, Dr. Paik wants to be able discuss the things that have value in life. Seoul has a lot to offer, and knowing the quality events, be it in arts or dining with fme wine, allows Dr. Paik to add value to his service.

While he continued to talk about the growth that he has seen ar ound him over the years, he said that he expects that "Korea will continue to increase the number of international events held and that this will be accompanied by an ever-increasing flow of clientele that need a premier service." Personally, Dr. Paik said he wants to be international as well. He said his hobby of collecting fine wines and contribut-ing to publications on wine was a way to broaden his understanding of the world. He said that events and invitations to various cultural and wine events allow him to share his true passions. IP&I Dental may be the leading dental facility in Korea, but Dr. Paik also presents himself as an ambassador of the fmer things in life.