Both high-tech funcionality and artful aesthetics embody the
design of our new office, which reflects our therapeutic perspective.
Dental procedures are trying at times, but a warm and comfortable
clinical environment, enhanced by a caring staff, can help to relieve
the traditional anxiety that is often associated with treatment.
We, therfore, opened the IP & I Dental Clinic in a newly constructed
serviced residence, Somerset Palace Seoul, whose reputation,
comfort, and style is an interantional trademark.

While Somerset offers luxurious lodging accommodations and
state-of-the-art conferencing facilities, patients have easy access to
numerous buses and taxis, as well as being
a few steps away from three major subway lines. The area is also
replete with a rich variety of cultural sites for anyone interested in
Korea’s nearly 5,000-year history. Some of Seoul’s finest restaurants,
museums, and art galleries are all within walking distance of
Somerset Palace.

Of gratifying interest to our international patients, Somerset Palace
exemplifies the vitality of our location. While receiving the most
advanced dental treatment available anywhere in the world, our
patients can enjoy and discover the magic of Korea. Courteous,
respectful decorum from our staff, some of whom speak fluent English,
adds to the ambient comfort.


For thousands of years, wise sages in the East considered healthy teeth as the pathway to one of the Five Blessings.
Modern science has confirmed that healthy teeth can extend human life and reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease.
We need not read medical reports to learn that, as we grow older, healthy teeth are indeed a great blessing in our lives.
Although we should not overlook the joy of eating without pain or discomfort, all of us can also appreciate the benefits of a glowing smile.
Healty teeth are indeed a wonderful blessing.
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IP & I Hospital outside
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